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What You Should Know about Prostitution and Related Crimes in Minnesota

Under Minnesota’s prostitution laws, the buying (solicitation), selling, and pimping of sex are all prohibited. Generally speaking, promotion of prostitution, or pimping, results in the most severe charges, and is prosecuted under sex trafficking laws.  However, many prostitution-related crimes come with incredibly serious penalties, including lengthy prison sentences and possible sex offender registration. Below, we’re… Read more »

The Minnesota Court of Appeals Finds Parts of the State’s Solicitation of a Minor Statute Unconstitutional

Minnesota Statute § 609.352 prohibits the solicitation of children to engage in sexual conversation that may culminate in the perpetrator inviting the minor to meet him/her with the purpose of engaging in sexual conduct; however, recently, two portions of this law have received significant court attention questioning their constitutionality. These two sections are Subdivision 2a—Electronic… Read more »