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DWI Convictions in Minnesota: The Costs are Too High

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is one of the most common criminal offenses in Minnesota. However, a DWI conviction will result in serious criminal, administrative, and financial consequences, and could even cost you your job. Even for a first offense, a DWI conviction can be life-changing in many ways. Below we cover the many different costs… Read more »

Life Sentences for Repeat DWI Offenders: Too Harsh?

In Round Rock, TX, a repeat DWI offender received a life sentence after his most recent DWI arrest and conviction that occurred in July of 2016. Police stopped 54-year-old Bobby Stovall who was weaving dangerously and erratically through several lanes of traffic in his pickup truck before striking another vehicle and injuring the driver. At the time… Read more »

Research-Based Cues Used To Detect Drunk Drivers At Night

Police officers and others know a number of Cues Used To Detect Drunk Drivers At Night, or during the day. Concerned citizens can also use these research-based tips to tell if someone is drunk or otherwise impaired while driving. Government Guidelines: The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) developed a number of behavioral cues in… Read more »

What Is a Qualified Prior Impaired Driving Incident?

In the state of Minnesota, a qualified prior impaired driving incident is simply a previous impaired driving conviction or loss. Prior impaired driving losses usually mean an individual had lost the privilege of operating a motor vehicle because of other kinds of impaired driving related incidents, and they happened within the past ten years. It… Read more »