US Supreme Court Rules that Warrantless Breath Tests are Constitutional: Warrantless Blood Tests are Not

In June 2016, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down part of Minnesota’s DWI/DUI law criminalizing refusal to submit to a chemical blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test if suspected of driving while intoxicated. At issue was the disproportionality between the actual DWI penalties and the refusal penalties. In other words, the state’s criminal penalty for refusal… Read more »

Life Sentences for Repeat DWI Offenders: Too Harsh?

In Round Rock, TX, a repeat DWI offender received a life sentence after his most recent DWI arrest and conviction that occurred in July of 2016. Police stopped 54-year-old Bobby Stovall who was weaving dangerously and erratically through several lanes of traffic in his pickup truck before striking another vehicle and injuring the driver. At the time… Read more »

Ways To Challenge A Minnesota DWI: A Guide

Unlike some other types of traffic infractions, you can’t just show up to court and hope the officer doesn’t. The case will proceed even if the officer can’t make it that day. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to beat a DWI in court, however. If you believe you were improperly charged with a DWI, an… Read more »

Minnesota Criminal Vehicular Operation Laws

The state of Minnesota does not criminalize any occurrence of bodily injury which is caused by typical negligent driving that leads to a vehicle accident. The state does, however, criminalize certain driving behaviors that lead to the bodily harm of others. More specifically, actions are considered criminal offenses when proof of heightened negligence is present…. Read more »